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2021-2022 HuskerGeek Ratings Leaders

Sport School Rating
ViPR D1 Volleyball Wisconsin 1,694.2539

Football georgia 11.9216
Men's Basketball arizona 10.5146
Women's Basketball south carolina 11.2365
Ice Hockey minnesota st 8.1338
Men's Soccer washington 9.3221
Women's Soccer florida st 10.8390
Men's Volleyball hawaii 9.0598
Women's Volleyball louisville 11.6893
Field Hockey iowa 10.0663

BPR NCAA Women's Basketball Ratings

Division 1

Rnk. Team Conference
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Division 2

Rnk. Team Conference
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Division 3

Rnk. Team Conference
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ViPR NCAA Volleyball Ratings

Division 1

Rnk. Team Conference
1st Wisconsin Big Ten
2nd Louisville ACC
3rd Nebraska Big Ten
4th Texas Big 12
5th Kentucky SEC
6th Minnesota Big Ten
8th Ohio St. Big Ten
9th Georgia Tech ACC
10th Washington Pac-12

Division 1 Standouts

Award Name Team
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Division 2

Rnk. Team Conference
1st Neb.-Kearney Mid-America Intercollegiate
2nd Washburn Mid-America Intercollegiate
3rd Central Mo. Mid-America Intercollegiate
4th Colo. Sch. of Mines RMAC
5th Northwest Mo. St. Mid-America Intercollegiate
6th Tampa Sunshine State
7th Winona St. NSIC
8th Michigan Tech GLIAC
9th West Florida Gulf South
10th West Tex. A&M Lone Star

Division 2 Standouts

Award Name Team
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Division 3

Rnk. Team Conference
1st Trinity (TX) SCAC
2nd Wis.-Whitewater WIAC
3rd Calvin Michigan Intercol. Ath. Assn.
4th Juniata Landmark
5th Claremont-M-S SCIAC
6th Wartburg American Rivers
7th Hope Michigan Intercol. Ath. Assn.
8th Wis.-Eau Claire WIAC
9th Mary Hardin-Baylor ASC
10th Berry SAA

Division 3 Standouts

Award Name Team
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Advanced Rate Statistics for NCAA Women’s Volleyball

Or Why Per Set Statistics are Bullsh*t

Pop quiz.

Question 1: How many points is a set in NCAA Division 1 Volleyball?

If you said twenty-five, you are wrong. If you said twenty-five except in a fifth set when it is only fifteen, you are wrong.  If you said it depends, then congratulations you have won the game.

Question 2: Name each team that corresponds to the primary or secondary color referenced in the following table.

Hint: These figures are the average points per set for each Big Ten team last season.

Team Points Per Set
Red 41.12
Blue 42.49
Red 42.50
Red 42.87
Red 42.94
Orange 43.06
Purple 43.19
Yellow 43.23
Red 43.43
Red 43.51
Yellow 43.88
Green 43.96
Red 43.97
Blue 44.29

Answers are at the bottom.

This presents a significant issue when it comes to doing rate statistics.   A four kill per set player at 41.12 points per set would average more than 4.3 kps if they had the same kill rate and played for the last team in the table averaging 44.29 points per set.  A quick look at the current KPS table on NCAA Stats says that’s the difference between being 57th and 34th.  A significant difference.  Additionally, because the gap will widen linearly as the initial numbers grow, the result is that the players at the very top of the chart can be misrepresented to the highest degree.  That’s simply unacceptable when trying to use a statistic to formulate any significant statistical argument.

And that’s not even the worst example I could come up with.

Per Set statistics are meaningless without additional context.  The context that a person would need to supply to make those statistics worthwhile is tedious and time consuming to track and calculate.   This results in volleyball fans and the media continually relying on and relaying statistics that in reality mean very little.

It needs to change, and that’s the purpose of this article and a couple of pages that I’ve now added to the site.  While per set statistics are exceptionally flawed, points are not.  In fact, points applied in the right way can be exceptionally accurate when calculating a rate statistic.

Here are the top ten players on the current(9/15/2018) KPS leaders table.

NCAA Volleyball D1 KPS Leaders 9-15-2018

Here is the same list, but instead of per set, the rates are per point in each team’s games.

Kills Per 100 Points

Rk. Name Team KPP
1 13.8140
2 12.8452
3 11.5678
4 11.4781
5 10.9756
6 10.9277
7 10.8782
8 10.8467
9 10.7735
10 10.6240

There are differences and there can be extreme differences. In fact, with many of the common statistics volleyball fans and the media use, using points is inherently flawed.  When measuring kill rates for players, total points in a match has an inherent flaw.  Specifically, during any match there will inevitably be points wher a player who plays for all rotations will still have no chance to get a kill, namely aces and service errors.

AN: There are caveats beyond this as well. Not every player plays six rotations and there are points beyond aces and service errors during which a player would also by definition not have a chance to get a kill. Rotational errors are the specific issue in this case because I did not have the foresight to track them efficiently in my database and will need to do some significant redesign before I can efficiently account for those points.

Beyond using total points for a rate, simple subtraction can be used measure the rate at which a player gets a kill for every point in play.

This is the table for the statistic named Kills per Point-In-Play.  Original name, I know.

Kills Per 100 Points In Play

Rk. Name Team KPIP
1 16.6556
2 14.8148
3 13.5862
4 13.3621
5 13.2583
6 13.1679
7 12.9555
8 12.6316
9 12.6050
10 12.5421

It’s not even the same list as the original per point list.  While this approach is not currently perfect, it’s still much better than using per set because the denominator of the statistic being calculated means the same thing across all players.  The context per point statistics provide is important because without it volleyball statistics are very nearly meaningless.  An instance of “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.” if you will.  Making even incremental progress toward better understanding and knowledge is important.

Measuring virtually every statistic by points played improves it drastically, but Aces and Service Errors per set make the least sense as a statistic.  It is entirely possible to play a set in which a primary server will not serve during the set.  In fact, in fifth sets, it actually isn”t all that rare.  Luckily, NCAA Play-By-Play pages happen to track exactly who serves each point, a fortunate thing in this instance because those pages can be used to get per serve rates for aces, service errors, and service points.

AN: This(A primary server not getting the opportunity to serve.) actually happened to Lauren Stivrins in Set 3 of the Nebraska vs Missouri State less than three hours after I saved my latest draft of this article. Yeah, that happened.

These statistics and more have been made available on each team page as well as Division and Conference leaders.  The leaders are available using the “View Complete Advanced Statistics Leaders” link on each division or conference page.

And that friends, is why per set statistics are bullsh*t.

Answer Key

Top to Bottom: Rutgers, Penn State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State, Michigan

The Best This Year

These are the current all sport rankings for the school year of 2022-2023.
1st georgia Football 14-1-0 11.4585 12.0649 12.1117 11.4595 11.9216 8.8934 10.8266
2nd louisville Women's Volleyball 32-1-0 11.6608 11.7263 11.7829 11.6608 11.6893 11.3066 11.5162
3rd lincoln memorial Men's Volleyball 1-0-0 11.6661 11.5706 11.2805 0.8331 11.6028 4.9619 -3.3967
4th wisconsin Women's Volleyball 31-3-0 11.5937 11.5914 11.5964 11.5937 11.5649 11.5319 11.0919
5th texas Women's Volleyball 27-2-0 11.4216 11.4129 11.3943 11.4214 11.3835 9.8365 12.8066
6th south carolina Women's Basketball 18-1-0 10.3844 10.7333 13.4229 10.3652 11.2365 8.0831 10.5505
7th edinboro Women's Soccer 2-0-0 7.7403 11.3000 13.4894 7.7271 11.0796 2.2795 1.0074
8th florida st Women's Soccer 17-1-3 10.1095 10.9439 10.9516 10.4530 10.8390 3.8294 0.5506
9th arizona Men's Basketball 15-1-0 10.1192 10.1298 11.2116 10.0928 10.5146 11.6483 6.4229
10th nc state Women's Basketball 17-3-0 9.9412 10.1187 11.7345 9.9348 10.4903 9.5531 8.4886
11th pittsburgh Women's Volleyball 31-4-0 10.5119 10.4922 10.5349 10.5119 10.4874 10.8390 9.5844
12th stanford Women's Basketball 14-3-0 9.8429 10.0023 11.7788 9.8371 10.4193 9.2545 8.5859
13th nebraska Women's Volleyball 26-8-0 10.5023 10.4337 10.3506 10.5023 10.4132 10.3602 10.1540
14th baylor Women's Volleyball 22-6-0 10.4719 10.3869 10.2918 10.4717 10.3691 9.1594 11.5679
15th gettysburg Women's Soccer 1-0-0 9.0219 10.3598 10.9413 8.9663 10.2807 -5.4693 10.0226
16th gonzaga Men's Basketball 15-2-0 9.9817 9.8932 10.4063 9.9198 10.1853 12.9007 5.1935
17th kentucky Women's Volleyball 26-5-0 10.1697 10.1736 10.1076 10.1696 10.1339 9.5627 10.4110
18th virginia Women's Soccer 15-2-2 9.4115 10.1433 10.2983 10.0489 10.1075 5.5922 -1.5535
19th iowa Field Hockey 17-3-0 10.1318 10.1054 9.8584 10.1319 10.0663 9.9222 9.3754
20th duke Women's Soccer 13-3-1 8.8870 10.1398 10.5289 9.2274 10.0232 3.4949 0.3610
21st north carolina Women's Basketball 14-2-0 9.7288 9.8553 10.3432 9.7233 10.0077 9.2250 8.4173
22nd louisville Women's Basketball 16-1-0 9.3599 9.8236 11.3733 9.3450 9.9980 7.1676 9.6145
23rd georgia tech Women's Volleyball 26-6-0 9.9844 9.9704 9.9694 9.9844 9.9548 9.7844 9.7331
24th baylor Men's Basketball 15-2-0 9.2981 9.4977 10.9751 9.2993 9.8654 8.7362 7.4942
25th tennessee Women's Basketball 18-1-0 9.2032 9.4062 11.4502 9.1995 9.8496 8.4740 8.1869