Nerdly Nebraska.

2020-2021 HuskerGeek Ratings Leaders

Sport School Rating

Football alabama 10.2880
Men's Basketball tennessee 9.9971
Women's Basketball drury 14.2306
Ice Hockey minnesota st 10.6579
Men's Soccer trine 9.4729
Women's Soccer florida st 12.9434
Women's Volleyball kentucky 9.0921
Field Hockey north carolina 6.8445

Don’t Feed The Troll

The story of Jimmy Kimmel versus the Gaming Community.

It’s the first thing you learn as a rational human being participating in a large internet community.

Don’t feed the troll.

Our story begins with Youtube who launched it’s streaming service to compete with recently.  Sigh.  People watching other people play video games.  To many people, this would sound like the ever increase sedentary lifestyle of the young.  But to others, it’s among the best entertainment they find in a week.  I would be one of those people.  Kimmel’s videos have made it fairly apparent that he either is or wants to portray himself as the former.

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