Nerdly Nebraska.

2019-2020 HuskerGeek Ratings Leaders

Sport School Rating
ViPR D1 Volleyball Stanford 1,839.6298

Football ohio st 12.7316
Men's Basketball kansas 12.7368
Women's Basketball south carolina 13.4324
Baseball ucla 12.9478
Softball ucla 10.9838
Ice Hockey north dakota 10.7002
Men's Lacrosse syracuse 7.8562
Women's Lacrosse north carolina 10.7252
Men's Soccer georgetown 10.7279
Women's Soccer stanford 13.0262
Men's Volleyball byu 11.1006
Women's Volleyball stanford 11.3000
Field Hockey north carolina 12.2787

So Where Are We Now

The start of the Big Ten season is upon us, but I want to start with a look back at what we’ve done so far this season.  I’m going to look at all of the Nebraska teams that I’ve watched so far.

So where do we start?

This is Nebraska.  We always start with football.

Umm . . .

Yeah, that’s my prevailing feeling.  I’m not real excited about writing this particular wrap up.  Both wins are fairly uninspiring, but a win is a win.  Both losses were gut punches, but neither was an embarrassing loss.

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