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2020-2021 HuskerGeek Ratings Leaders

Sport School Rating

Football alabama 10.9670
Men's Basketball gonzaga 10.7652
Women's Basketball stanford 12.7003
Baseball tcu 9.8526
Softball ucla 12.7916
Ice Hockey north dakota 10.0402
Men's Lacrosse notre dame 9.3001
Women's Lacrosse north carolina 12.0905
Men's Soccer trine 12.1712
Women's Soccer southern california 11.3917
Men's Volleyball lincoln memorial 9.8925
Women's Volleyball kentucky 13.4502
Field Hockey north carolina 12.0793

Big Ten - Conference Overview

Conference Division:
Rnk. Team Résumé Recent ViPR Adj SP% Adj SO% Adj. Hit Mar.

ViPR Adjusted Offenses and Defenses are adjusted to expected values against an average team in the same division.

ViPR Division Adjusted Offenses

Rnk. Team Hit% Kill% HE% AST% O_DIG% O_BLK% ACE%

ViPR Division Adjusted Defenses

Rnk. Team O_Hit% O_Kill% O_HE% O_AST% DIG% BLK% O_ACE%

Conference Strength

Description Average Remove First and Last Remove Top and Bottom 2 Remove Top and Bottom 3 Composite
Scores nan 0.0000 0.0000 0.0000 nan
Difference nan nan nan nan

Point Totals

Offense Defense
Conference Average nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan nan
  • Sets - Team Sets Played
  • S - Serves
  • SP - Service Points
  • SA - Service Aces
  • SE - Service Errors
  • SP% - Service Point Percentage
  • S/SA - Serves Per Service Ace
  • S/SE - Serves Per Service Error
  • OS - Opponent Serves
  • SPA - Service Points Allowed
  • SAA - Service Aces Allowed
  • SEA - Service Errors Against
  • SO% - Team Sideout Percentage
  • OS/SAA - Serves Per Ace Allowed
  • OS/SEA - Serves Per Error Against

HuskerGeek Big Ten All-Conference

1st Team

Name Team Role

2nd Team

Name Team Role

Player of the Year

Rank Name Team

Attacker of the Year

Rank Name Team

Setter of the Year

Rank Name Team

Defensive Player of the Year

Rank Name Team


Rk. Name Team WPA

Offensive WPA

Rk. Name Team OWPA

Defensive WPA

Rk. Name Team DWPA

WPA Per Set

Rk. Name Team WPA/S

Offensive WPA Per Set

Rk. Name Team OWPA/S

Defensive WPA Per Set

Rk. Name Team DWPA/S


Conference Strength – The Conference Strength table has two parts.  The first row is a list of averages of the scores for a selection of teams in the conference ranging from all of them under the heading “Average” to an average of teams in the conference if we remove the top and bottom three teams.  This is designed to check if a conference is propped up by its elite teams of held down by its weakest teams.  The Composite score on the far right is an average of those scores.  It is a weighted score where the middle teams have a higher value than the edge teams.  The second row containing difference is simply a measure of how different removing the edge teams makes the conference from its initial average.  If the numbers are positive, then removing the edge teams increases the conferences rating.  If a value grows from the value before it, then the team removed at the bottom of the ratings was rated farther outside of the mean than the team removed at the top of the ratings.  It was weighing the average down so to speak.  The Composite difference at the far right is simply an average of the differences.

The Best Conference Games – A short list of the best games played between two members of the conference which is calculated using the EPIC score of each game.  EPIC score is essentially very simple amounting to adding the teams combined ViPR Rating and the total Win Probability Added scored by each team.

All-Conference Teams – All-conference teams are calculated using Win Probability Added per Set Played and the quality of the team that the player plays on. Team quality is included because better teams tend to have better players and more of them.  This often means that players on better teams have fewer opportunities than standouts on lesser teams.

Awards Lists – Each awards list uses the same formula that is used to calculate All-Conference Teams, and decides based on the focus of the list.  Player of the Year has no limitation on how the player score is added up. While Attacker of the Year must have a higher attack score than any other metric.  Similarly Setter and Defensive Player must acquire most of their score through those metrics.